It was a very good year

2006, it was a very good year. There was an implosion of burning start-ups, coders and dream lovers desperately creating protos and building websites ( yes, in the year  2006, the only decent way one might develop and deploy for the mobile ecosphere was using propiertary software; remember: The web was the desktop. ) trying to define how the new coined term web 2.0 might be and look-a-like.

Jeff, wrote a savvy, yet quite contemporary, article on that subject.

Here an excerpt:
To you who are toiling over an AJAX- and Ruby-powered social software product, good luck, God bless, and have fun. Remember that 20 other people are working on the same idea. So keep it simple, and ship it before they do, and maintain your sense of humor whether you get rich or go broke. Especially if you get rich. Nothing is more unsightly than a solemn multi-millionaire.
And there the complete article, dated on January 17th 2006.

NOTE: This post is a personal reminder. You might find a direct link in one of the posts to this article in this, your blog, after doin' a bit of research.
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