There was a time I had quite an interest for metacognition, thus I dedicated some of the best years of my life to analyze and study in deep trying to deliver this scenario and its possible consequences, from a scientific point of view.

Today, let me point you to an essay, written by Daniel R. Ames and Lara K. Kammrath, entitled Mind-raeding and Metacognition: narcissism, not actual competence, predicts self-estimated ability.

Unlike previous work, the authors show new evidence about who misunderstands their sensitivity and why.

Even having myself greater doses of narcissism, as I realized when, time ago,  I was applying myself into the fields of metacognition, I arrived to this conclusion: yours truly has been surrounded by incompetence for a while. Like you, dearest reader.

Self-estimation and self-confidence given, in this kind of incompetent scenario , then is a pro, to have success in life.

Here, a link to the essay, available in PDF format. Below, an entertaining story.

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