HTML5 For The Rest Of Us

It seems there are good news on the case:

"Update on the relationship between the WHATWG HTML living standard and the W3C HTML5 specification", that might be read here.
It is unfortunately the case that we now have at least 2 specifications; HTML5 and the living standard neither of which can claim to be canonical description of HTML for stakeholders other than browser vendors.
Read more there.

Addenda: Do not despair, honey, because of as Mr.Winer mentions today in a tweet:

The avg time it took for the 5 CSS3 specs to reach recommendation status was 11.6 years.

So, imagine.

Welcome Utopia

Welcome Utopia is a piece of art that saw the light in the year 2002.

It will come back soon in the form of a site, to be browsed.

Stay informed.


Because of I agree that the future comes by understanding mobility, and not acting like if in a desktop we were living; I do highly recommend the lecture of this post.
An excerpt:
We've seen this movie before. In the early days of the web...In the early days of digital, the core behavior we needed to understand was that people wanted information at their fingertips and the convenience that came with digital transactions. In the social era it was all these things plus social connectivity. Mobility means information, convenience, and social all served up on the go, across a variety of screen sizes and devices.
Via David Armano

Addenda: I am really thankful to Georgia Taglietti, who pointed me to this article.


Every fool in the world had a meaningless publication which nobody read, but which everyone oohed and ahed at as they passed. And I — I had nothing to do with any of it. I was merely a spectator, a chump on a tiresome promenade.
Via Jeff. Read the complete post, here

Snipt Goes Pro

Let me introduce you to Nick Sergeant and his work.

Nick Sergeant is, to me, one of these few brave people who makes the  Web an interesting and comfortable place to live. Nick rules and drives SNIPT, one of my favourite places to visit in these, our days.

So Nick made something wonderful. He really did.  Nick himself, developed and created . And he called Snipt.

Citing him :
my focus has been to find a way to make Snipt a sustainable project that can continue to grow and provide real value to people. This is the first step towards that.
With a superb design and code behind, Snipt is a useful tool to share snipetts and other pieces of code in real time and in a gentle way.  In fact that was what the web was for: To share and sing, isn't it?

Hey, anyone whoever tried to built something like Snipt, might be able to realize the effort and time behind a tool like this is. Really. You just can stood still if you belief in what you do, and if your belief is focused on people. I am writing this based on my own experience.

Snipt is free, like you and me, but today, Mr. Sergeant has announced Snipt has a Pro.
And Nick says us that we do not have to be Pro, nor upgrade if we do not want. But if we would,
a Pro account on Snipt gets you a few things:

  • No advertisements on, ever. 
  • A "Pro" badge throughout the site and on your profile page. 
  • You're helping to fuel development of improvements and features. 
  • Eventually, a slew of Pro-only features listed here:

Listen, trust inme, be cool; and have yourself a try to the brand new Snipt Pro. Here.

I wrote this piece just because I am a fan, and a user, of Snipt. So, just for this simple reason,  I spread it to you, dearest reader.


Because of there is another life, beside the ordinary one.

Your Business As A Book


  • Title - how can you position this book to stand out? 
  • Author - what expertise, knowledge or experience do you have that makes you qualified to tell this story? 
  • Audience - who specifically must read this book and can they afford to pay for your services? 
  • The hook - what tantalizing knowledge will the reader get from this book? 
  • Competition - what other books are out there right now that might compete for this reader? 
  • Chapters - what are the key concepts and structural elements that make this a body of work?

Learned from John Jantsch


DRM content to be included in the future spec of HTML5?

Collaborators to the W3C HTML Working Grouplist, and subscribers to the list, might know well something; and this something is - I cite -  "HTML video can _already_ be used to provide content easily, conveniently, at a reasonable price and legally".

The rest is DRM: Providers vs Users.

Ian Hickson wrote a clear resolution on the proposed DRM content for HTML version 5:
I support people's rights to make whatever choices they want *up to the point where it infringes on other people's rights*. Which is what DRM does. So no, I certainly do not support their right to make the choice to use DRM: it's unethical.
Read the public post, and take your own conclusions, here.

ADDENDA: There will be no Web, not now nor in a future, without ethics.


Rarely is a UI change such a big improvement that the efficiency gain from adopting it outweighs the efficiency loss from relearning. Designers tend to overestimate the benefit of a change and underestimate the importance of habituation. That's what I was trying to say.

Via Evil Brain

Making Sh**ty Software

Mr. Dave Winner in his blog,  is writing on software for the users as a medium in an hypermedia revival

Here, an excerpt:
Marco Arment said something very nice the other day. That eventually I am proven right. It's only because I've seen this before. It's as if you've seen a play three times. The fourth time you see it, you can almost say the lines along with the actors.
And here, ( for those ones of you who , like Dave, who programmed and coded understanding the basis of the Hypermedia, may offer some kind of advantage and 'know-how' in front of those others who came from the Multimedia planet, say, to stay).the article


"Until philosophers rule as kings or those who are now called kings and leading men genuinely and adequately philosophise, that is, until political power and philosophy entirely coincide, while the many natures who at present pursue either one exclusively are forcibly prevented from doing so, cities will have no rest from evils,... nor, I think, will the human race"

8 Juli

Ich bin. Wir sind. Das ist genug. Nun haben wir zu beginnen. In unsere Hände ist das Leben gegeben. Für sich selber ist es längst schon leer geworden. Es taumelt sinnlos hin und her, aber wir stehen fest, und so wollen wir ihm seine Faust und seine Ziele werden.
- Bloch, Ernst

Chinese Backdoor

As a proud user of OSX, me myself and I, have spent 6 minutes reading this article that explains a new exploit that occurs if one uses MSOffice and Java - the rat pack -.

It seems the IP locates the origin of this trojan in China.

Well, browse with care. Read the solution there.
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