DRM content to be included in the future spec of HTML5?

Collaborators to the W3C HTML Working Grouplist, and subscribers to the list, might know well something; and this something is - I cite -  "HTML video can _already_ be used to provide content easily, conveniently, at a reasonable price and legally".

The rest is DRM: Providers vs Users.

Ian Hickson wrote a clear resolution on the proposed DRM content for HTML version 5:
I support people's rights to make whatever choices they want *up to the point where it infringes on other people's rights*. Which is what DRM does. So no, I certainly do not support their right to make the choice to use DRM: it's unethical.
Read the public post, and take your own conclusions, here.

ADDENDA: There will be no Web, not now nor in a future, without ethics.
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