Snipt Goes Pro

Let me introduce you to Nick Sergeant and his work.

Nick Sergeant is, to me, one of these few brave people who makes the  Web an interesting and comfortable place to live. Nick rules and drives SNIPT, one of my favourite places to visit in these, our days.

So Nick made something wonderful. He really did.  Nick himself, developed and created . And he called Snipt.

Citing him :
my focus has been to find a way to make Snipt a sustainable project that can continue to grow and provide real value to people. This is the first step towards that.
With a superb design and code behind, Snipt is a useful tool to share snipetts and other pieces of code in real time and in a gentle way.  In fact that was what the web was for: To share and sing, isn't it?

Hey, anyone whoever tried to built something like Snipt, might be able to realize the effort and time behind a tool like this is. Really. You just can stood still if you belief in what you do, and if your belief is focused on people. I am writing this based on my own experience.

Snipt is free, like you and me, but today, Mr. Sergeant has announced Snipt has a Pro.
And Nick says us that we do not have to be Pro, nor upgrade if we do not want. But if we would,
a Pro account on Snipt gets you a few things:

  • No advertisements on, ever. 
  • A "Pro" badge throughout the site and on your profile page. 
  • You're helping to fuel development of improvements and features. 
  • Eventually, a slew of Pro-only features listed here:

Listen, trust inme, be cool; and have yourself a try to the brand new Snipt Pro. Here.

I wrote this piece just because I am a fan, and a user, of Snipt. So, just for this simple reason,  I spread it to you, dearest reader.
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