Git From The Bottom Up

In 2009, John Wiegley published a brief introduction to Git, for developers and designers, covering the following aspects:
  • Introduction
  • Repository: Directory content tracking.
    • Introducing the blob.
    • Blobs are stored in trees.
    • How trees are made.
    • The beauty of commits.
    • A commit by any other name...
    • Branching and the power of rebase.
  • Index: Meet the middle man.
    • Taking the index farther.
  • To reset, or not to reset.
    • Doing a mixed reset.
    • Doing a soft reset.
    • Doing a hard reset.
  • Last links in the chain: Stashing and the reflog.
  • Conclusion.
  • Further reading.
A PDF scientist paper, that you might want to download here
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