Same Old Javascript Mistakes (again)

Do you remember those early ancient days, when she, as a web designer, had to deal with browser sniffing?

Remember that layer versus div thing she learned by building websites in the late nineties?

If you do, please have a look at the following statements:

  !--[if lt IE 9] 
 script src="jquery-1.9.0.js" /script 
!--[if gte IE 9]!--> 
 script src="jquery-2.0.0.js" /script 

What do they mean? Simple: Redirections in case you are using old versions of Internet Explorer when browsing the web.

Because of the jQuery team announced on their blog that jQuery 2.0, which is scheduled for an early 2013 release, “removes support for IE 6/7/8 oddities such as borked event model, IE7 ‘attroperties’, HTML5 shims, etc.

Because of that, I have no doubt that browser sniffing detection will become the hype in the year 2013.

So,  does not human kind evolute? Are we still dealing with the same technical problems that we dealt fifteen years ago ? 

I do think so, and as it does, let me guess that, JQuery  may become the FlashPlayer or SilverLight  - with all the good and the bad things those plugins had - of our era,  in a nearly future.

Example One: Just replace an ActiveX plugin by a JQuery plugin, and you've done. All plugins.

Example Two: Just think JQuery as a substitute for an embedded plugin, and you've done. All the same.

Read Loading a Different jQuery Version for IE6-8 here
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