Works 2009: A Creative Keynote

The year was 2009, and my company obtained a contract with a client to bespoke design and develop a Web application.

The contracting company, Nasty Mondays Barcelona, needed a product aimed at the youth market, heavily connected with all the digital trends we all know today.

Although the area of my studio work was focused in design, front-end development, prototype development and consultancy services, I put all my effort to apply my knowledge of design and visual interaction that I've learned in my early youth as a student.

After listening to the client requirements and indications; I see one thing very clear: The final product must be something unique, never seen before, and disruptive.

Nasty Mondays Barcelona Keynote © Delfi Ramirez @ Segonquart Studio 2009
Nasty Mondays Barcelona Keynote © Delfi Ramirez @ Segonquart Studio 2009

Being personally involved in the UX and UI aspects of this project, however, it did not meant I had all the necessary skills to figure the imagery for the product. 

So I hired Magdalena Esteve, to work with me. I ask her to please reecords a video, and invited her to bring all her excellence into the final production and concept design of the product.

Magdalena Esteve is , de facto, one of the better living artists from Spain. And she understood perfectly the goals and indications, putting her fingerprint on it.

The keynote presentation was designed to meet the needs proposed to  the client; and it was successful.

So successful, that finally,  Nasty Mondays deposited their confidence in my work.

To obtain an affirmative yes from our customer, and sign a contract for web application development, was merely a question of hours. It was 2009.

You might want to see the final keynote clicking in the image above.
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