Links a Front-End Developer Should Take Over

How to write jQuery plugins
The main functionality of the plugin is encapsulated into a separate Widget class, which we instantiate for each member in our jQuery set. Now all functionality is encapsulated in these wrapper objects. The constructor is designed to just keep track of the passed options and the DOM element that the widget was initialized on.
Run Node.js as a Service on Ubuntu
With Node you can write very fast JavaScript programs serverside. We've seen examples of chat, key-value store, and full blown http servers. Basically anything is possible as long as you know JavaScript and the concepts of parallel/evented processing.
HTTP: Response Codes
Servers send HTTP status codes to provide quick information on the response sent by the client.
On web semantics
Stating the obvious became necessary in the old days, when the Web consisted of only a few web sites and authors used tables to code entire sites, table cells or paragraphs for headings, and thought about other creative ways to achieve the layout they wanted. (Admittedly, these authors had fewer instruments at their disposal than authors have today. There were times when coding a three column layout was literally impossible without using tables or images).
Browsers should have been cars. Instead they’re shopping carts.
The smartphone would be ideal if it wasn’t also a phone. But that’s what it is. With few exceptions, we rent smartphones from phone companies and equipment makers, which collude to sentence us to 'plans' that last for two years at a run.
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