A Communication Skill

Delfi Ramirez at Twitter
Delfi Ramirez @Twiter
The art of creating software that is usable by inviduals is a communication skill. It is not a programming skill.

Fist Anthems

I would like to recommend you a brand new radio show,

Weekly chilled, for your ears only. Might be the perfect companion for you and your family, while planning and mastering projects. Do a click on the image, and you are ready to enjoy.

Antehms Fist Bar! Radio Show
Anatemas FistBar!
"From 1987 until 1997 there was Fist Bar!. Over those years, an endless number of activities transformed FistBar! into one of the most important reference for establishing alternative cultural trends in Barcelona, promoting decidedly avant-garde aesthetic on a visual and musical level."

In the Distant Fog

The Internet Society has just released a report written by Analysys Mason, entitled “How the Internet continues to sustain growth and innovation,” that provides data and analysis of the continual investment and innovation that have sustained the Internet through growth in developed and, more recently, developing countries.

You might want to see the report, or read the article written by Markus Kummer and Michael Kende, here.

A Data-oriented Approach

A data-oriented approach for distributed service environments is, again, in my list of interests.

Used extensivelly in the ancient days with technologies like Flex, I guess one should consider to have a look at it,  before designing a project.

You, dearest reader, might would mind to have a brief introduction into the meaning of data-oriented, having a read at this pdfor this other one.

More, soon.

Blog Action Day 2012

Today, 15th October is  Blog ActionDay : Power of We
Blog Action day 2012
Blog Action Day 2012
Founded in 2007, Blog Action Day brings together bloggers from different countries, interests and languages to blog about one important global topic on the same day. Past topics have included water, climate change, poverty and food with thousands of blogs, big and small, taking part.

Web Platform Docs

W3C, in collaboration with Adobe, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, Opera, and others, announced today the alpha release of Web Platform Docs (docs.webplatform.org). This is a new community-driven site that aims to become a comprehensive and authoritative source for web developer documentation. With Web Platform Docs, web professionals will save time and resources by consulting with confidence a single site for current, cross-browser and cross-device coding best practices.
Save time and resources, here

NetBeans 7.3

Glad to see the beta of NetBeans, version seven dot three. Something to play with in this week-end.

Novelties in Project Easel:

  • HTML5 Application Development. 
  • HTML5 Application project with JavaScript testing support. 
  • JavaScript Editor significantly improved. 
  • Page inspector and visual CSS style editor. 
  • JavaScript Debugger. 
  • Embedded WebKit browser; deep integration with Chrome.

More Links a Front-End Developer Should Take Over

Rediscovering the Button Element.
Buttons created with the BUTTON element function just like buttons created with the INPUT element, but they offer richer rendering possibilities: the BUTTON element may have content. For example, a BUTTON element that contains an image functions like and may resemble an INPUT element whose type is set to “image”, but the BUTTON element type allows content.
Pure HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript particles.
To create the desired effect, we have to realize that we really need to be subtracting a constant value from the alpha channel of previous pixels, rather than multiplying by a number less than one.
CSS3 vs jQuery Animations.
The huge difference in performance is because the browser's CSS processor is written in C++ and native code executes very fast whereas jQuery (JavaScript) is an interpreted language and the browser can't predict JavaScript ahead in time, in terms of what event will occur next.
The WordPress Website Owner’s Emergency Checklist.
Let’s say that you’re migrating a website from a poor-performing server over to a new robust, high-performance, WordPress-optimized server.
Responsive web development with WordPress — a case study.
Many of us have moved on from thinking about media queries and responsive layout towards addressing the challenges of responsive images, navigation, UX and more.

Philosophy and the Social Web

A serious approach onto Philosophy and the Social Web, by Henry Story, that you might want to read clicking on the image below.
Philosophy and the social web
Philosophy and the social web
I have found quite succesful the simile of the panopticon used by Henry in his keynote presentation.
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