To Keep Getting Better

Technology has to keep getting better. Once you've shipped an iPad with a super high-resolution "retina" display, you can't ask people to buy a new one that doesn't have it. Steve wouldn't have done it. 
Some features are just features, like a camera, but the resolution of a display isn't a feature. It's integral to the product. It's like trying to sell a car with a fuzzy windshield. Everything you do with the Mini is a reminder that you could be using a nicer product. Always having the nicest thing is what Steve's Apple stood for.
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Walled Gardens

These days, though, companies don’t talk about walled gardens. They talk about ecosystems – a vague piece of business jargon that means a broader alliance of companies and creative individuals serving the business model of a tech leader. It’s getting harder for smaller companies to make money on the Web without going through one of these ecosystems.
A clever observation on how the three double ve might become something like an inner sphere, if any, through the looking glass of Kevin Kelleher.

A must-read article that you might want to bookmark here

Fist Bar! 1987-1998

From 1987 until 1997 FistBar!, with and endless number of activities, became one of the most important references for establishing alternative cultural trends in Barcelona, Europe, and promoting decidedly avant-garde aesthetics on a visual & musical level.
A nice surprise. It is really funny how Google Plus let you find people of your present and your past. I have found this wonderful community page about FistBar!.

The purpose of the page serves as a virtual re-encounter -- say hangout -- for all those who were there, or lived, or visited Fist Barcelona in between 1987 and 1998.

Meet the original FistBar! team at Google+

Fist Bar! community at Google Plus
FistBar! at Google+

Ciudad Gótica

One of my favourite broadcast radio programs, on the Internet, is about the szene and music of the nineties decade in Europe.

anatemas fistbar la ciudad gotica
Anatemas FistBar!
A nice companion while you are working with your laptop, that you might want to hear in a stream, making a click or swip over the image
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