Because of Philosophy is closer to Mathematics and pure Science than one might think I am writing this to you.

Logic is something great that has take me fifteen years to learn and care, and something that  - I guess -  it makes me able to give seminars and be in the position to share my knowledge and experience in the field of training in web software engineering.

A few weeks ago, I failed. I failed - miserably - during the course of a lecture I was giving at a corporate company, while explaining an  example of software coded for a tutorial example.

Suddenly, a question from a student ( An excellent programmer, I have to say ): Master, How could we calculate the value of the result, varying the query of  the first select entity you have exposed?

My mind went blank.  I was unable to give a satisfactory answer. Inside me, I thought, one can not make that calculation. It is impossible in a logical way, I though. But they stared at me like if I was, not the authority , but an impostor.

I mumbled, and because of my failure, disgracefully, I received a strong unfavourable comment in the posterior evaluation of the course.

To excuse myself, remembered introducing myself  the audience saying that my scholastic training was not as an Engineer, but in the realm of Philosophy. Of Logic, to be more precise.
But , alas!,  after three hours of a master class.. My mind was blank. I felt like a dumb, unable to give a satisfactory answer to a simple question an alumni asked to the audience.

I give my sincere excuses and respect to that audience. Later I came back home tangled. Then, being at home, I tough about the issue.. The problem that algorithm in that software I was asked for had to solve. And it was as simple as a Semaphore.

 Three weeks later, this is, tonight, a possible solution to my ineptitude came in the form of an article from Wikipedia.This says the following:
    The signal control system of a city.

    The state of each of the lights (green, red or amber) is the facts of the real world. The program itself consists of a few common-sense rules: certain lights can not remain simultaneously in green, a semaphore can only move from green to amber and amber to red, etc.. The hypothesis is the state in which each should be traffic lights at the next instant of time.

    This is an example unsolvable using traditional programming, as the logic underlying the behaviour of traffic lights on a whole is masked by simple imperative commands such as "change colour of a given light."
Educated, as I was, in the realms of Logic, the above might be  a correct  answer to:  How the Hell  I was unable to give the correct explanation to a question proposed by the alumni?.

Besides considering some sociological motifs  or reasons. Besides my explanation and consideration given to the audience. Besides considering it is not my role, inside a corporate hierarchy, to think and act like a programmer.

Besides all of those human considerations, what I am sure is that the classical problem given to solve to scholars and apprentices of software engineering, this is, the semaphore problem, has not a logical solution.

My mind has been structured , through education and labour, to understand and clarify logical problems. For this, when  three weeks ago I faced a non-logical question, my mind went blank.

Tonight, after reading that article from Wikipedia. I smiled again, and my soul was bright.

Toys for Xmas

Remember Apache Flex?. Well, these holidays I'll take a chance, recovering my aptitudes on that old  and nearly dead framework. It would be nice to have some FalconJS ready, to deploy; but, alas, coding is for fun when you have spended more than a quarter of your life doing so.
Apache Flex
Apache Flex
Anyway, just a look and a couple of hours, and soon, in  this - your blog - some dedicated opinion and advice about it.  
Is it worth to spend some zeroes using it? Does it fit to the purposes of yer company? Etcetera.

ITunes version 11

ITunes, the piece of software that changed completely the way we look at computers today, has reached its eleven version.

Remember the world before there was IPod? Did it exist an era of consumption of hardware for the masses before? I sincerely doubt it.

The software needed to rule an IPod was ITunes. No piece of code has had a bigful spread in the common people like you or me. In teh ancient times, software was glumsy, ugly, difficult to use. Databases ( what now we call a collection of albums)  look unreacheable before the ITunes era. No device portability, no real device interconnection, and a long etcetera.

E-Commerce, then,  required more than a Master to understand it flux. Now is a simple click and download. The contract is signed as soon as ones activates the software and clicks "Play That Song". Nice isn't it? Anyway, none of us is enough educated in the fields of legal terms and conditions, to loss one precious second readixng text we are not capable to understand clearly.

Wasn't the Internet based of common trust, on confidence? ITunes offered those principles. And Won.

ITunes has become eleven. Still a creature, still capable to grow. Some features has been asided int his new version. I won't miss none of them so much. Except for one: Display Duplicates.

The lack of this fantastic tool in ITunes; useful if one, say, wants to convert a podcast to some other audio format, might be the only negative - if any - remark this yours truly would mention on the update.

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