ITunes version 11

ITunes, the piece of software that changed completely the way we look at computers today, has reached its eleven version.

Remember the world before there was IPod? Did it exist an era of consumption of hardware for the masses before? I sincerely doubt it.

The software needed to rule an IPod was ITunes. No piece of code has had a bigful spread in the common people like you or me. In teh ancient times, software was glumsy, ugly, difficult to use. Databases ( what now we call a collection of albums)  look unreacheable before the ITunes era. No device portability, no real device interconnection, and a long etcetera.

E-Commerce, then,  required more than a Master to understand it flux. Now is a simple click and download. The contract is signed as soon as ones activates the software and clicks "Play That Song". Nice isn't it? Anyway, none of us is enough educated in the fields of legal terms and conditions, to loss one precious second readixng text we are not capable to understand clearly.

Wasn't the Internet based of common trust, on confidence? ITunes offered those principles. And Won.

ITunes has become eleven. Still a creature, still capable to grow. Some features has been asided int his new version. I won't miss none of them so much. Except for one: Display Duplicates.

The lack of this fantastic tool in ITunes; useful if one, say, wants to convert a podcast to some other audio format, might be the only negative - if any - remark this yours truly would mention on the update.

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