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It is well know, I profess a serious respect to Mr. Dave Winner; being myself a real fan of his work and attitude, and being me too, in the past several years, a regular reader of his blog writings.

In the last issue, there are some interesting thoughs, on the trendy buzz, that I transcribe to you below:
...Out of the 83 people they quote, I doubt if many of them have written code recently, and most of them have never done it, and have no idea what they're talking about.…
...These people don't themselves know how to do what they want you to do. So what they say makes no sense. It won't make you rich, but it will make them rich. And if you do it, they won't listen to you. And even worse, if you do what they want you to do, you'll be tossed out on the street without any way to earn a living when you turn 35 or 40. Even though you're still a perfectly good programmer....
...To be clear, you should learn to code if: 
  1. You love writing and debugging and refining and documenting and supporting code. 
  2. You love to see the working result of your labors. 
  3. It excites you to empower other people (your users and other developers). 
  4. You have modest financial needs.
  5. Don't mind spending a lot of time working by yourself
  6. Don't mind being misunderstood.
One might say it clearer, but not louder.
Read "Why you should learn to code", here.
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