Semantic Digital Archives

The Semantic Digital Archives (SDA) workshop series fosters innovative discussion of knowledge representation and knowledge management solutions specifically designed for improving Archival Information Systems (AISs). Novel applications of semantic Web technologies and Linked Data offer possibilities to advance approaches to digital curation and preservation.
They intend to have an open discussion on topics related to the general subject of Semantic Digital Archives. Hence, their welcome contributions that focus on, but are not limited to:
  • Archival information systems (AIS).
  • AIS Architectures.
  • Archival information infrastructure frameworks (AII).
  • Ontologies & linked data for AIS, AII and digital libraries.
  • Logical theories for digital archives & digital preservation.
  • Knowledge evolution.
  • (Semantic) provenance models. 
  • Contextualization of archives. 
  • Semantic long-term storage & hardware organization for AIS & AII. 
  • Semantic extensions of emulation/virtualization methodologies tailored for AIS/AII.
  • Semantic multimedia AIS, AII & multimedia libraries.
  • Implementations & evaluations of (semantic) AIS, AII & semantic digital libraries. 
  • Preservation of scientific and research data.
  • Preservation of work flow processes.
  • Semantic search & semantic information retrieval in digital archives and digital libraries.
  • Implementations and evaluations of semantic digital archives. 
  • User studies focusing on end-user needs and information seeking behavior of end-users. 
  • Web Archives.
  • (Semantic) Preservation Processes and Protocols.
  • Semantic (Web) services implementing AIS & AII.
  • Information integration/semantic ingest (e.g. from digital libraries). 
  • Trust for ingest & data security/integrity check for long-term storage of archival records. 
  • Semantic extensions of emulation/virtualization methodologies for digital archives. 
  • Migration strategies based on Semantic Web technologies.
In bold, my areas of expertise. But I will not be able to send any proposal for this event.

Maybe you, you are willing to. If true, please submit your original, unpublished research papers related to the aforementioned topics.

Your mom would be very proud.
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