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… And if there's editing it hasn't interfered with the style of the writing. The personalities of the writers come through. That is the essential element of weblog writing, and almost all the other elements can be missing, and the rules can be violated, imho, as long as the voice of a person comes through, it's a weblog.
Sharp observation written by Dave Winner in 2003, legible in Harvard Law Weblog.

Using HTTP properly

The main problem with HTTP is that today, it's used in a way that it wasn't designed to be used. HTTP is very efficient at transferring an individual file. But it wasn't designed to transfer a large number of small files efficiently, and this is exactly what the protocol is called upon to do with today's websites.
  Some of us, before the millenial plague of our century,  did not learn at school how to code for the web. We were just putting our hands dirt on work. These may be the answer to your question why do I manage and develop projects the way I do

Read the complete article, written by John Brodkin, here.

Two years

This is a personal opinion.

Two years since the start of Google+ as a social platform, and it seems like it was yesterday.

I was honoured, through an invitation, to be one of the first 5000 european members who tested the platform in its beta state. And I have not stop to enjoy the pleasure of being social - again - using this platform. Google+ is intended to the person, as a brand. Coming from and old-skool experience from the now extinct Web 2.0., I found curious there was no place for brands, but for people.

But brands still make the market, so, still in its early years, it is my hope Google+ will reinforce their efforts to make a more stable and successful platform for companies. There is the need for them to show what they are able to do and offer. And be part of the G+  social ecosphere.

Yours truly.

Future Is Now II

In case you have not noticed it, we are already living in the Post-PC era. Get it.

The Need Of Psychology

One needs to have got or learned, at least, some few notions of Psychology - considering it as a science and one of the last contingences of the limits in the Fine Arts - if  that one aspires to become a respectable designer. This is, she or he is able to produce and present good design.

Design [ of software, of objects, of graphics, of lifes …] is intended to be tested by the unknown mass. The same unknown that will make use of it. Design is not simply the ability to make the use of a tool, but rather the accumulation of experiences, judgment and circumstances the designer have or had in life.

The self has no reserved place in Design as it has de facto in the realm of Fine Arts.

When an object, a construct, becomes pleasurable to us, we do not aim to look after the author, after the designer of the piece we have. We do instead appreciate the final result.

And all these matters, because we, the unknown, are the ones who will assemble that designed piece onto a real thing. Unless being a manufacturer.
When you tap on the now-circular empty phone buttons, they’re instantly filled solid with gray, which then quickly fades back to their original empty or white state. It’s psychologically satisfying to press them because of the visual feedback.
More, at thecultofmac

How We Comunicate

Code is for machines. And design is for us, humans.

Nearly a decade ago, I realize a machine can interpret patterns but it misunderstands design, the sense and mean of aestheticsMachines can generate and write tons of code pretty much well, better, much faster than us humans. So one might think there is no real value added in, say, the process of writing code through a keyboard.

That same one may ever think that the added value is only given in by some kind of form of art. ( Ars equals Techné ).

Considering there is a clear difference between what we know as design and we know as Art; in our days we realize there is a point in the canvases of Art in where we might reserve some place  to subtle forms of design. Shorten is better.

How No To

You should not tell your developers how to build your brand.
On the other hand, Google has created a web page of instructions for Android developers to avoid looking like "other platforms," which Google illustrates with iOS screen shots.
Brand must be inherit to every product. Via appleinsider .

The beauty of IOS7

This is the first product of the post-Jobs Apple.
The design of iOS 7 is based on rules. There’s an intricate system at work, a Z-axis of layers organized in a logical way. There is a profound reduction in the use of faux-3D visual effects and textures, but iOS 7 is anything but flat. It is three dimensional not just visually but logically.
Gruber hits the nail. Here

Because Of Personal Computers

It has been nearly fifteen years since I left over the netscape  browsing method. Seems like it was before yesterday, uh. That comes to my mind, after reading the following:
And that is the exact opposite of what interested me in tech. I got involved because of personal computers. The individual is everything.

from Winner.
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