The Need Of Psychology

One needs to have got or learned, at least, some few notions of Psychology - considering it as a science and one of the last contingences of the limits in the Fine Arts - if  that one aspires to become a respectable designer. This is, she or he is able to produce and present good design.

Design [ of software, of objects, of graphics, of lifes …] is intended to be tested by the unknown mass. The same unknown that will make use of it. Design is not simply the ability to make the use of a tool, but rather the accumulation of experiences, judgment and circumstances the designer have or had in life.

The self has no reserved place in Design as it has de facto in the realm of Fine Arts.

When an object, a construct, becomes pleasurable to us, we do not aim to look after the author, after the designer of the piece we have. We do instead appreciate the final result.

And all these matters, because we, the unknown, are the ones who will assemble that designed piece onto a real thing. Unless being a manufacturer.
When you tap on the now-circular empty phone buttons, they’re instantly filled solid with gray, which then quickly fades back to their original empty or white state. It’s psychologically satisfying to press them because of the visual feedback.
More, at thecultofmac
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