Developing a Mobile OS

...What we aspire to is giving them the open-endedness of the Web… I am staking my reputation, as I have, on open standards and continue to do so…

...We want to pioneer the category of open web devices and show that it is competitive…

Taken from readwriteweb. a didactical magazine.

A bunch of ideas for this scenario. Philosophical considerations, I prefer to say.

Here goes one: There is an option to develop for mobile using the open web standards. And Java or Objective-C, or C++ , are languages closed into a propietary system, as you know.

Except in the case that you developed mobile apps using Lite, a variant of ActionScript  - a dialect of ECMAScript - at the beginning of the past decade; except in that case, this new concept of mobile development might sound strange to your ears.

Except, of course that you develop daily under C or Perl. Which might not be the case.

Let me consider myself an an exception, because this mobile scenario it sounds quite normal to this, yours truly. For this, is my guess, that the solid reputation of Mr. Brendan Eich, shall be reinforced after the success of his competitive decision.

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