Shell Os

Command line is my favourite tool to build websites or develop software. ( which might be in some case the same ).

Of course the use of the command-line interfaceCLI ) has not been profitable to me during last years, while being a trainer in web techniques for the new kids on the block. For obvious reasons.
But command line has positive effects while working. First, because of  takes you off distraction from your desk and submerges you with work easily. That was hard to explain to designers becoming web developers. But that was true.

Second: Being myself, too, an apprentice; the best classes [ seminars ] that I was honoured to assist where those in the Faculty of Physics, back to 1997. The use of the command-line interface was vital to learn the trade.

To kill your curiosity, there, I learned the basics - and the advanced - Linux administration, amongst other things. And I was not in my twenties back then.

In fact, one like me might be not called programmer, due to a complete lack of ability from mine in the correct use of a typewriter machine; but this insufficiency, I swear, was not an obstacle to enjoy the use of the command-line then . So it will be not for you either now.

An open source tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration

Command-line based and open-source. This might be the reason why I have an affinity for Packer.

All the soliloquy presented before, is because of Packer

And I will give it a try.
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