So You Like Being Watched?

Uh, no. I think it’s entirely sane to be paranoid, in a balanced way. Use HTTPS everywhere. Don’t share your location freely, trade it for things you need. Bear in mind that your telephone company always knows where you are, and has no business reason not to tell anyone in a uniform, if asked. And that your email provider, presented with a proper warrant, will efficiently cough up yours, including those you thought you’d deleted. And that anything going any distance over the public telephone network is probably being tapped by at least one government. And that Internet-voice and Internet-video operators may not even ask for a warrant before they spill your bean.

A solid description of facts which everyone of us know since the old times of the 36.6Kpb modem. Or earlier.

Because of this,  - and like the quote mentions - there is no real need to be insanely paranoid. Just keep in my mind that the Internet s a public place. A common wealth.

Read the complete article, written by Tim "double-step-confirmation" Bray, here
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