Swear It Out Loud

...Of course, I’m old enough to re­mem­ber when we had to haul the in­di­vid­u­al bits that made up our pro­grams an hour up­hill in a rag­ing snow­storm and put them to­geth­er with white glue… Se­ri­ous­ly, the tools get bet­ter and bet­ter each year.
When a programmer’s writ­ing or chang­ing code, she or he is ac­tu­al­ly edit­ing a text file. So the tool is at some lev­el a text ed­i­tor; but it’s not like any­thing you’d use to write a son­net or bud­get overview...
An excellent approach and a short narration about the fine art of programming, about over­priv­i­leged males with an ex­clu­sion prob­lem, about --most at all-- what programers do.

From the savvied knowledge point of view of  Mr. Tim Bray.

An article that you might want to read in his blog, here.

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