Ecofont saves toxic ink and toner, while maintaining readability. We believe it is important to save the precious natural resources of our planet. For ourselves and for future generations.
Developing the last project, here at the Segonquart Studio headquarters, I faced a problem:

There is the real need for the content to be printed, or at least the need to facilitate this possibility to the audience and visitors.

For this simple reason, there has to be decides what favours over the interests of the audience and community solution. 

After investigating and conducting a brief feasibility study, I found EcoFont

A solution belonging to typographic world enabling sustainable resource-saving and clear evidence of its usefulness. I calculate the savings our client may have by offering this tempered solution.

Then, I wrote a simple declaration pointing to an URI in the CSS print stylesheet which goes to the directory from where resource is served,

So one can print in paper the complete edition or some single articles from the server/website, in a sustainable way.

As you may have noticed -- looking at the clean code of the mentioned project, the choice was Ecofont. They believe -- like we do -- that it is important to save the precious natural resources of our planet for ourselves and future generations.
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