More than words

Mr. Jason Thibeault says in his article via The Pulse
...status post after status post about themselves and their kids... And I’d venture to guess that you are checking these status updates more often than you realise. Which is a clear sign that you need to check, just like you might need another cigarette, or another drink.
Well, why not, instead, keep maintaining social moods through a blog?

What I do most like about we-blogging is its un-addictiveness. Weblogs are a non-addictive process of communication behaviour expressed in the formal way of doing things by example.

Communication is not only inherent to our human nature, it also conforms itself our daily activities. We are born into language. A dialect for each buying, each talking, each waving, each liking or even each disliking.

A weblog is a collection of thinks, or remarks, or bookmaklets, or guess whatever is a collection of personal content or of -- using marketing terms -- interests.

Weblogs face the two aspects of interaction and communication: the self and the social.

And face those aspects in a much wider, discrete and human way than focusing as a simple but effective activity stream of generated content. A weblog reflects those interests an editor/publisher/narrator/photographer/marketer wants to express by creating content and publishing it to the web.

You interact with weblogs ( We-blog, I-blog, She-blogs ) in quite different and interesting moods, enhancing the way communication flows and the data interacts. Not only as a reader. You can subscribe to them, or you might get involved with another them, in a elegant manner.

A weblog is more than a simple set or collection of words subtly curated and carefully published by its editor. Imagine: You can even alter the chronological fact tied behind them.

A weblog is not only social. Is much more than a simple social thing.
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