The Coolest Protocol Ever

  • Email was a newsfeed
  • Email was the primary means of direct social communication on the Internet. 
  • Email was a digital package-delivery service
  • Email was the primary mode of networked work communication
Alexis C. Madrigal bangs on the door with a stirring and yet exciting article about the Email, also known as the SMTP Internet protocol. The best tool, ever.
Email is a refugee from the open, interoperable, less-controlled "web we lost." It's an exciting landscape of freedom amidst the walled gardens of social networking and messaging services.
Being a younger-than-millenial does not equals to be stupid neither a fool. Your personal data belongs to you. And email fits well your need for proprietorship. If any.

Relax, have a read to this article, use your email, and stay well.
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