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Yahoo! quickly became the most popular search engine on the web.

By search engine, I mean the generic term of any service that helps you locate information, rather than the more technical one of a service that locates information by “crawling” pages automatically and allowing you to keyword search to find any pages that match your keywords.

The distinction is important, because it lead to Yahoo’s eventual downturn as a search resource and directly to the coming closure of the Yahoo! Directory that was announced today.

A “directoryrelies on humans to review websites, summarise them with short descriptions and organize them into a categories.

When Yahoo! started, this system was effective, because there weren’t that many pages on the web (relatively speaking) and automated search technology to organise websites wasn’t very good.

We are hearing today the sad news: Yahoo!Directory, an initiative built twenty years ago, closes it doors forever. Yahoo! Directory was the first service that Yahoo! offered. It is closing today, after twenty years of service.

Some random toughs and a short collection of memories that you may find of use,  come to my mind. 

Look, I still hold a personal email account, the one I solicited in the year 1996. My first email account, before then, was with Netscape Inc. A sadly missed one.

From those two email accounts, years ago, This yours truly started a life into a whole new world: Subscriptions, search engines, lots -- if not tons -- of websites, of stories, of protocols which offered me and you a kind of an invisible invitation to be and take part of the Internet.

Technique and approaches used in the Middle Age

Those were the days when we build webpages in a similar manner as you build  today cool webpages using, for example, AngularJS .

Not every browser supported then Javascript.

Clients wanted to track their benefits and cookies were not allowed in the banking ecosphere. Just to mention one.

Design was cool. To code for the web was cool.  Actionscript was new and cooler too. It was an hybrid between Javascript and Perl, embedded in the Macromedia Flash. virtual machine. Like Docker. WithActionScript,  we were good and capable to ...Well, to build animated GIFs.

Optimised, small-sized and unsharpen bitmaps of information.

No PNGs allowed. Just GIFs. That was really an advance!. Imagine: 28kpb/s.

Okay, nothing was ideal neither perfect, then.

 In those early days, some huge companies built their entire sites using only tables, links and images ( remember that Adobe ImageReady's ability to File > Save For Web & Devices?) . Click and go, click and buy. IFrames. Image Maps.

Then was when  indie agencies took over the role. The web development market. Cyberpunks.

We are humans using machines. A tool is just a tool for our purposes. You need a perfectly hand-crafted website. The one that would let you be indexed in a human controlled search directory. We were aware of the fragile ecosystem the web was then. Optimized pages for slow connections and also to prevent a saturation of the web- servers around. We had a conscience that nothing was free, and that the Energy was a simple transformation of Energy itself. So we used and discriminated the information served carefully. Servers crashed.

Hand-crafted websites where more than a simple template modified. Hand-crafted websites were your real business, built with web standards or with sophisticate plugins in a digital manner. Hand-crafted websites and clean code are information structured, clean code and meta names were a real necessity for you and for the humans who were behind collecting data and serve the web using the services a Directory offers. A service that helps you locate information.

Human beings then, were enough smart to classify, to discriminate, to interpret and to write correctly the meta descriptions or meta keywords that would flavoured your web content. Are you real a human?. Welcome. No captcha's needed. A naïve world.  Web Standards were here to stay.

And it is very difficult nearly impossible -- believe me -- to understand the philosophy behind the Web Standards or its real meaning, if you never relied upon the experience that a real human being is working behind a directory of re-collected websites.

We -- people from the web -- a.k.a. designers, coders, hypercard afficionados, marketers, software-makers, sysadmins et al didn't know neither meet us one each other in person. We were living in different continents all over the world.
Couple of  us had then names figuring cats or pets as identity. Hey, inno456Bett, how d'ydo?.

It was like a huge IRC Channel disco party were everybody was invited.

Always accepting the common rules of a not written nettiquete.

And far away that personal and mutual acknowledgement between us, we helped us mutually as colleagues do. Really.

It was in that scenario the urgent  need to work with the simple finality to help and to serve on each other, being the other that person or this company which wanted a website and needed to be found in the World Wide Web.

We were there to avoid that your website was rejected from a directory for not accomplishing it needs. For you, to be found and read and to be known worldwide, directories were huge and cool.

Directories are, still, cool.

Mr. Danny Sullivan offers a complete explanation and a short story come, of this sad news and of the beginnings of the search engines as we knew it, here.

A highly recommended read for you, my dearest newbie, to understand the digital web world we are living in. Your turn.

The Importance of Being A Performer

Quoted from Jeff , who brings some light into our circus arena:
A great conference is like a great playlist or LP; every song should contribute, and the sequence in which they are heard should have an inevitability to it, like the song sequence on your favorite albums. The order in which sessions take place is critical; there should be music to the ebb and flow; related ideas should be presented in blocks that help attendees see connections across sessions and topics.
A brief note, written in the form of paragraphs, to make us understand why a name does not really matter when you are experiencing the flying trapeze method.

 In case you have ever been on stage giving a conference, or there is a plan to will, you might want offer not a personal, but a designed experience.

Read his delightful introduction on this subject here.


The tech just isn’t there yet. Apple is already setting expectations for single-day battery life for the Apple Watch, at best. Adding cellular networking would make that significantly worse — and add physical heft.
Well noticed. Via Daring Fireball.

Some Links of Use

Ending September,  a couple of links to articles and writings that may enhance your vision and goals or serve as inspiration, when tiime arrives to fix the scope or the initial steps for a business project. Choose between Data or Graph.

Starbucks Reinvented
Could the company continue to grow while preserving its culture and values? In some areas, the drive to expand, egged on by Wall Street, was compromising the company's ability to invest in its partners (Starbucks' term for its employees), deliver personalized customer service, and maintain a close connection to the local community.
The Business of Climate Change
What is the role of business and its leaders in creating positive climate change?
It wouldn't kill Twitter to do text
Each tweet comes with a huge amount of metadata. Would it spoil the magic of Twitter to accept a few paragraphs of text along with a tweet the same way it works for pictures and videos?.
5 Ways To Monitor DNS Traffic For Security Threats
This involves using sensors at resolvers to create a database that contains every DNS transaction (query/response) through a given resolver or set of resolvers.

The Thrill Was Gone

 An excerpt. A sharp observation figured in the blog Scripting News:
"(...) I pointed to a Seth Godin piece that I loved that said if you give up your keyboard you give up your power. He wasn't saying that virtual keyboards are no good. Though that's how Scoble (and honestly quite a few others) responded. He was saying (to me) let's not turn the Internet into another television."
 Let's not turn it  into another actual or present form of television.  I must say that the  television --  that talking box with talking heads inside it -- is as boredom as any other channel of mass-media communication known until now. Except the original Internet, of course. That was amazing. New, simple, naïve, thrilling. Geocities was gone, the thrill was gone.

Television, the kind of entertaintment that is measured by an audience. That might sound good.  If audience were less than lonely people with nothing to do each other. Maybe your target is a respectable audience of lovely and lonely grandmothers needed of human companion. 
I still remember the phrase that man told to us a  decade ago "ads between programs serve to the purpose that the families can leave their sits, and go for a moment or to the kitchen or to the sink". 
The actual television,  must evolve and become something profitable , for you, for  me and for the common wealth of the unknown audience worldwide.
This is not about the need to build or re-vamp a new kind of gadget. You do not need that. To turn the Internet into another form of television is the need of the people that actually works in this televised medium.  Because they -- the actual makers -- do not know any other form of living. They have been too much time into it, to see other interesting aspects of this televised medium.  The need for the Internet to not become another form of television is our real need, if some form of Television must go on.

Listen, we do not have enough space in the room  for more gadgets. Really. Now that we will have robots, there is no need for you to have,  nor to  hold,  in your room another dummy robotic silver screen with sound incorporated.  Having the IRC Channels, who needs to chat in front of other people?

There is a a chance for that future Televison and for the Internet. A real option. There is a  subtle possibility to turn on Television into something magic. This is : To stay away, far away from  the model of communication this Television we know has represented until now. The Internet meant sharing common knowledge while having some kind of privacy. The Television never meant that.

Let's face it: We do not have yet a generation of humans, human beings where the so called millenials are included, who are really able to decide or  evenmake how the future model of television will be and look like.

Simply because we have no model from the past.  Simply because of the reason that there has not been yet any sophisticated , neither a suitable model for the broadcasting of a still or moving image via radiowaves to receivers that project a view of the image on a picture tube.  Apart from the one we know since the fifties in the past century.  Simply because of those reasons,  it does not mean there is no other model.
Hey millenial, mention to me one suitable new aspect of that television if you can. Define Television. I do not see one. I can code, you can code, we all use the Internet, but have some advantage: I also know the tricks of the mass-media model. I have been working in and out and for huge media corporations, during my professional career.

The term vision  has disappeared from the compound word "television". If it ever was. Popcorn and farts. From black and white to colour, and viceversa. This is over.

Now, in the second decennium of our XXIst century, we have plenty of time to not spare time. Not at all.

So you , television man or television woman,  do imagine a new form of communication using that old form of stained glass.

Java 7 AND Windows OS 7

Might you need help in case you are working under a Netbeans IDE on Windows version 6.0.6002 [ aka Windows 7 ] if, for several reasons your system is dealing with an obsolete  File Transfer Protocol

Well, take these four easy steps:
  1. Run command cmd
  2. crtl+Shift+Enter to assign administrator privileges
  3. type: netsh advfirewall set global StatefulFTP disable  
  4. Upload 

Do not forget we are living in the second decennial of this, our XXIst millenium.

Return to the future, rewind the tape, and please, upgrade your operating system.

Those instructions given can make up your day.

Welcome to VAX/VMS Version 1.60

'Analysis' is 'design' spelled backwards

Re-reading Plan 9, a source of inspiration, by the missed genius and human person too,  Mr. Dennis Ritchie.

Deepening into his life, in my modest opinion, one of his best advices is figured in Wikiquote, cited here below as a reminder:
Computer science research is different from these more traditional disciplines. Philosophically it differs from the physical sciences because it seeks not to discover, explain, or exploit the natural world, but instead to study the properties of machines of human creation.

In this it as analogous to mathematics, and indeed the "science" part of computer science is, for the most part mathematical in spirit. But an inevitable aspect of computer science is the creation of computer programs: objects that, though intangible, are subject to commercial exchange.

Blograma FM

Blograma FM, a dedicated child theme of the superb Nowell theme, is the last dish refactored by your favourite new media and development studio : Segonquart Studio.

Blograma FM by Segonquart Studio
Blograma FM by Segonquart Studio 2014

Funny isn't that?

The receipt: The main idea for the whole development was, as you may perceive, to not touch, not to distort, but rather enhance the excellent work done by the team of developers of the theme Nowell.For this reason, time were spent in the enhancement of security protocols and server responses, following the agile approach to use as less plugins as possible.

The cooking: Following the motto "Mobile first" we concentrated our efforts working on the details, leaving the main resolution of this app to the original template.  For the main resolution I mean the process of visual communication and treatment of data.

As an example: To force an HTTPS display -- yes, that trend --  we wrote a customized .ht implementationn, considering it was a best approach than the plugin solution the Wordpress framework platform offers for free.

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule ^ 
https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

Two simple lines of code, for a software extension -- a subtheme - which required more or less than 2000 lines of  hand-madecode.

The table: You might want to browse the code to dicosver or find a little bunches of subtle aromated etceteras.

The result: Blograma FM is our last re-creation. You might want to have a look at the final result here. Worth its value.

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