Some Links of Use

Ending September,  a couple of links to articles and writings that may enhance your vision and goals or serve as inspiration, when tiime arrives to fix the scope or the initial steps for a business project. Choose between Data or Graph.

Starbucks Reinvented
Could the company continue to grow while preserving its culture and values? In some areas, the drive to expand, egged on by Wall Street, was compromising the company's ability to invest in its partners (Starbucks' term for its employees), deliver personalized customer service, and maintain a close connection to the local community.
The Business of Climate Change
What is the role of business and its leaders in creating positive climate change?
It wouldn't kill Twitter to do text
Each tweet comes with a huge amount of metadata. Would it spoil the magic of Twitter to accept a few paragraphs of text along with a tweet the same way it works for pictures and videos?.
5 Ways To Monitor DNS Traffic For Security Threats
This involves using sensors at resolvers to create a database that contains every DNS transaction (query/response) through a given resolver or set of resolvers.
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