The Thrill Was Gone

 An excerpt. A sharp observation figured in the blog Scripting News:
"(...) I pointed to a Seth Godin piece that I loved that said if you give up your keyboard you give up your power. He wasn't saying that virtual keyboards are no good. Though that's how Scoble (and honestly quite a few others) responded. He was saying (to me) let's not turn the Internet into another television."
 Let's not turn it  into another actual or present form of television.  I must say that the  television --  that talking box with talking heads inside it -- is as boredom as any other channel of mass-media communication known until now. Except the original Internet, of course. That was amazing. New, simple, naïve, thrilling. Geocities was gone, the thrill was gone.

Television, the kind of entertaintment that is measured by an audience. That might sound good.  If audience were less than lonely people with nothing to do each other. Maybe your target is a respectable audience of lovely and lonely grandmothers needed of human companion. 
I still remember the phrase that man told to us a  decade ago "ads between programs serve to the purpose that the families can leave their sits, and go for a moment or to the kitchen or to the sink". 
The actual television,  must evolve and become something profitable , for you, for  me and for the common wealth of the unknown audience worldwide.
This is not about the need to build or re-vamp a new kind of gadget. You do not need that. To turn the Internet into another form of television is the need of the people that actually works in this televised medium.  Because they -- the actual makers -- do not know any other form of living. They have been too much time into it, to see other interesting aspects of this televised medium.  The need for the Internet to not become another form of television is our real need, if some form of Television must go on.

Listen, we do not have enough space in the room  for more gadgets. Really. Now that we will have robots, there is no need for you to have,  nor to  hold,  in your room another dummy robotic silver screen with sound incorporated.  Having the IRC Channels, who needs to chat in front of other people?

There is a a chance for that future Televison and for the Internet. A real option. There is a  subtle possibility to turn on Television into something magic. This is : To stay away, far away from  the model of communication this Television we know has represented until now. The Internet meant sharing common knowledge while having some kind of privacy. The Television never meant that.

Let's face it: We do not have yet a generation of humans, human beings where the so called millenials are included, who are really able to decide or  evenmake how the future model of television will be and look like.

Simply because we have no model from the past.  Simply because of the reason that there has not been yet any sophisticated , neither a suitable model for the broadcasting of a still or moving image via radiowaves to receivers that project a view of the image on a picture tube.  Apart from the one we know since the fifties in the past century.  Simply because of those reasons,  it does not mean there is no other model.
Hey millenial, mention to me one suitable new aspect of that television if you can. Define Television. I do not see one. I can code, you can code, we all use the Internet, but have some advantage: I also know the tricks of the mass-media model. I have been working in and out and for huge media corporations, during my professional career.

The term vision  has disappeared from the compound word "television". If it ever was. Popcorn and farts. From black and white to colour, and viceversa. This is over.

Now, in the second decennium of our XXIst century, we have plenty of time to not spare time. Not at all.

So you , television man or television woman,  do imagine a new form of communication using that old form of stained glass.
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