How Green Was Your Valley

Developers might have noticed a subtle change of methods and tools over the past decade.

just seven years ago, a photographer, an artist, an scripter, a cartoonist, were  people who brought culture to the products,  people who could develop fantastic ideas and bring them to the web using, mostly, an authoring tool.

The client speaks. The client needs. You figure out what you like about, and what you want to incorporate into your idea, and you take it further and do something new with it.

That was then, when the goal was "to bring a liberal arts perspective and a liberal arts audience to what had traditionally been a very geeky technology and a very geeky audience".

Authoring tools helped to spread this noble vision. And brought something to the new, personal, glittering fine art of surfacing and building the Web.

Authoring tools were , only seven years ago or less, the ones you needed to become a professional and entitle you as developer.

CSS or Javascript were only for artists then, remember that Johnny?.

Authoring tools were funny to use. Sometimes, I must confess, I miss them a little bit.

Flasn MX Web Authoring Tool
Macromedia Flash MX

Editor's note: The image above shows one of the possible authoring tools which were in heavily used then for publishing into the web. So, that kind of web was something like the one we know today.

This authoring tool figured, was active and operational from 1999 until 2002, although it was used by developers until late 2010 from our era. It was feasible for both operation systems, Windows and Macintosh.

How things are. How things gone.
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