Painting Canvases

 Mr. Chad Austin says:

".. a low level API is exactly what's missing. IMO, the idea that browsers should provide convenient, high-level, spot solutions to some common problems is flawed. 
Instead, the browser should expose the lowest-level, most-capable APIs and let libraries sort out the convenience and common idioms. [...] 
 I want to be able to fill a page with a thousand img tags and specify that they download in order of distance from the viewport. I want to be able to set priorities of XMLHttpRequests. I want to be able to set XHR priorities relative to image loads (that actually came up _today_ in profiling our application). I want to be able to deprioritize arbitrary resources after first paint. I want to adjust priorities as the application is being used."

Excellent observation. Start from the base. A clever, savvied detection of needs required, or desired, by people like you and me, in order to publish and play with standards and the web browsers. The most-capable APIs. The ability to set priorities.

An observation figured in the the public mailing list for technical discussion of WHAT Working Group specifications, a community of people interested in evolving HTML and related technologies.

You may want to follow, read or communicate in their/our thread at [whatwg] Preloading and deferred loading of scripts and other resources, here.

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