The State of HTML5

Here comes a brief of my impressions on the current state of the HTML5 spec, mixed together with other facts that may be of your interest.

HTML5 spec refers to the entities, objects, models and etceteras of the structural language HTML used in part by humans and partly by this communication tools we know as the web and the hypertext and the transfers.

  1. The behaviour of HTML is well-defined. 
  2. Rendering is the domain of CSS
  3. "%" does not have an RFC 3986 representation.
  4. There is a HTML4  test suite - but it is not executable yet.

WHATWG is the acronym for the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group. a group you must have heard about. They are experts, really.

Gratitude for these imprints, via Tab Atkins Jr., Anne Van Kesteren, and all the team.

Note: Terms explained. If in doubt. The public list is located  here, and you might want to be invited and take part, too. Since 2004.
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