You are the product

Segonquart Studio has re-edited its public page in this social network named Facebook.

Not part from a strategy of advertisement neither promotion, but a simple step to get a virtual presence in which once was the best community platform.

This social platform is used for the convenience of the so-called rivers ; also known as activity streams [ A word you well know, in case you are still one of those mates that makes an extensive use of Drupal ].

This social platform, that has been, as we have heard in the news, and since 2011, surfing against other social initiatives like Google+, or Medium my favourites.

In our days it is necessary obligatory to say that the Facebook team of developers are ahead of its time. Truly. They produce and deliver products that, from a developer and scientific perspective of view, are less but excellent.

This is the simple reason why Segonquart, as a service and communications company, owns a presence and a space in the social network referred.

Join us. Here

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