Reassuming Work: A Theme

Rotulos Sagarra SA - copyright Segonquart Studio 2013
Rotulos Sagarra SA - Segonquart Studio 2013

Rotulos Sagarra SA is a century-old company, based in BCN.
They are dedicated to signage, monoliths, ceilings, and corporate signage elements.

In the year 2013, this centenary company relied on the expertise of Segonquart Studio, and this yours truly, and put their trust in us; for their digital marketing strategy, art direction, advice and consultancy, for their presence in the web, and their commerce in the digital world. The project, the approach and solution I offered, was finished in 2014 and this year 2015 has its renewal. What means that it works.

The app was conceived, drawed and crafted by hand; and published as a unique theme to be used inside that fabulous content management system named Wordpress CMS.

Done as an exercise of coding. n innovate model of navigation that follows the present standards. Some cracking ideas were left in the boxes. Because for the needs of this company, Wordpress offers a clear, intuitive and strong back-end management system for those team-officers who will manage the enterprise app.

An app for the desktop and the tablet surfaces.

Mobile version is slightly different. Have a look.
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