Song of Songs

Thomas Aquinas wrote about different matters and subjects: The composition of physical objects, the order of philosophical inquiries, perception and though, or human identity. 

And he was, from an historical perspective, way cool. Ars longa, Vita brevis.

The Temptation of Thomas Aquinas, by Alonso Cano

It is evident that material substances exist contingently. They come into being and they pass out of being. While they exist, their existing is not what they are.
Not being busy myself these days, I have spent my spare my time empathizing and help in the work and writings of and old french colleague, who invested in me, in my advice and he consequently learned the extensive and apropiate use of this blogger tool to publish.

For him and his mission, I was adapting,customizing, templates and enhancing the plain design with code.

For a friend, who is interested in the fine art investigation and the research of veracity in the realm from sources of the Fine Arts.

See the results obtained here, here or there.

Call the result an F from Fake revisited. Again, but in a digital manner.
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