A web page must be media independent.

Do not assume hardware, browser or OS. Do not assume turing completeness. Do not assume JavaScript. Do not assume bandwith. Do not assume plugins. Do not assume fonts. Do not assume CSS.
The Uncomplicated Web, via Die Welt ist gar nicht so.


There is less than three weeks left before the deadline for entries for the 19th annual international WebAward competition.

The WebAwards recognizes the individual and team achievements of Web professionals all over the world who create and maintain outstanding Web sites.

The deadline for entry is May 29, 2015 and the entry form can be found at

This yours truly, as a past participant, past and current outstanding judge of the Award -- uhm, eight years ago from now -- encourages you to show the perfection and kindness you have in the digital arena, and to submit your works or "award-winning" projects to the Awards. Those that your agency considers less than excellent.
Web Marketing Association Annual awards

See you there.

PS: Thank you Bill, for the accreditation and the kind outstanding diploma received last week.  Mom is happy and glad, too, for this kind detail.


You don’t need a phone to take photos. It’s called a camera.
Taylor Hunt -- proud member of the [whatwg] community -- hits the nail on us, precisely here.

First Known Use: 1904

"" is probably some kidz, setting up an old computer, connected to their Mom's Internet service.
Some old computers, useless for gaming, can be refurbished - and used as proxy servers. That's a popular activity, for geeks.
Using a proxy server shall it not be that difficult.

Read what means to you, at The Mysterious StatCounter Log Proxy Address Entry.

Note: we all know that pòrt 3130 is for Squid.

Happy Re-Birthday, Dave

Now the big wheel has turned and today I'm in the situation Engelbart was in in the 80s. Unlike Engelbart, I have re-tooled. I now work in JavaScript in the browser and on the server. I had to walk away from the codebase that I loved. I understood that the price of relevance is to give up fighting at some point and settle for a partial victory. I think I was right in the development environment I created. But right doesn't mean the world uses what you created. Maybe 20 or 30 years from now these ideas will have gained traction. I won't be programming then. I almost certainly won't even be alive. 
I turned 60 over the weekend. It's a tough birthday, or it was for me. I didn't want to have it in public, so I told Facebook not to announce it. I think younger people don't understand.
I finally think I understand how they don't understand. The ones that love me say I'm really young, and I appreciate that. I think they mean my thinking is flexible, and I'm excited about the future, like a young person might be. But the clock ticks in predictable ways. My body is that of a 60 year-old. And the world treats me as one as well. Most people can't see or feel the enthusiasm an older person has. Or they don't believe. Or they don't think.
Mr. Dave Winer a pioneer and a toreador in the arena of the open source web, a source of inspiration and model to some of us through our professional career, walks the same path as we do effectively walk. And now, he is one year sharper. For the good of us.

For  cerainDue to certain circumstances, I never have had the pleasure to meet Dave in person, neither had the chance know him through close-friends or any others. I am a follower of him. I know and learn from him in a digital manner of speaking. I am a fierce reader of his posts, and also  an early adopter of his creations in software. This one you are using -- the weblog -- is a perfect example. Sometimes you learn more from the ones who do not know you. Happy Birthday, Mr. Winer.

Addenda: Throughout my life, and looking back on it, I observe that if --  from someone I have learned something profitable, and if I could understand or get an answer to some questions or problems that professional projects presents -- it has been of people who were of age.

This, the search of a knowledge and  business model that comes with age, might be one of the reasons I have always been fascinated by that profession, or professional ability, known by the name of Architecture. Who knows.

Anyone of us that there born after hatching the so-called baby-boomer, any of those us, it has grown under the false expectation that only youth is a value in continuing rise, and that -- from a certain moment in our lives -- our capabilities deplete, and decline. This is not a scientific neither a rational approach.

I shall agree with Mr. Winer, when he writes that to be relevant you must pay a certain price. It occurs in Sports, in Maths or even in Music. Your relevance and strenght at your twenties or before, will give you the passion needed to success in those fields of human knowledge. But other fields or boxes cannot be filled except with age. When you still look at the future but you are conveniently unbodied and free from the cage you should wear during your apprentice process.

Then, you reach the field of leadership, and if you're good
enough in that field, you might be kind of the leader of the gang. But being that leader, you still do not have wisdom. Profitable wisdom, comes with age.
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