Bemerkungen über die Farben

Perhaps you want to know a little about the current standard for the web known as HTML version 5.

In the time I spend working, my interests are aimed at training and consultancy in the field of web standards.For about four or five years or so ago, 

This slide show that you attached underneath serves as accompaniment to any of my speeches given around the South Mediterranean area.

Which it is novel gives way to what is usual or normal. Normal, regulatory drifting.

I would highlight as an interesting aspect of the slides, not the content, which in 2015 became obvious for professionals like us , but the choice of colours and forms that were applied, as well as the arrangement of the elements in the slides.

I guess this helps to properly convey the information that is of interest of those attending the talks. 

There is a link below, not to be smug about something simple, but if you find it of interest, or if maybe they can serve you and be helpful as a remark.

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