What's The Use?

Usablenet, a pioner company in the arena of mobile UX, has kindly start a U-campaign to promote the benefits and present the current scenario of the mobile apps vs. the web mobile.

A helpful sixteen page document, delivered by its knowledge-center,  perfectly designed and composed, that might provide you with some interest for the mobile field, and -- of course, being this not a promotional post --  for the wealth and value of the company behind this initiative.

A company that is focused, not just in production, but in making usable -- or accessible -- mobile products.

I am not a customer of mobile products, not a salesman, but a producer myself, as you dearest reader should know. And , unfortunately, I buy few of them. Loyalty has nothing to do with disposability.

As the producer of content and websites, and apps et al, myself finds good and profitable that companies like Usablenet, promote a knowledege-center production for the benefit of all us. May be an app the key strategy for your company to success.

The best knowledge is the shared knowledge. The best technique is the one that your company, or society or community, holds and creates. In a unique way.  And this idea is strong in the mind of Usablenet as a company.

Today, in my email, there was an hyperlink pointing me to theirs "A Guide to Mobile Apps"

I  found it good and  would like to share it with you. Get your copy here.
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