Live Templating

This, your favourite weblog is being re-designed in live production, part kind of a personal experiment on UX and other methods, part to practice , and part to entertain you.

For that reason, you dearest reader,  might experience some visual annoyances  -- or unknown pleasures, who knows -- in the next few days.

Apologize for the inconveniences.  

Relax. Take a sit. Enjoy the show.

The mean of PWYW

Oftentimes, businesses use the strategy as a promotion to get new customers, sometimes with a social tie-in for extra incentive—for example, a restaurant will run a PWYW promotion and donate part of the proceeds to a charity to feed the hungry.
Name your Price, really by Mr. Richard Blanding,

The hypotheses, research methods and conclusion of a study on the PWYW trend, conducted by Mrs. Shelle M. SantanaA valuable classified read.

Via Harvard Business School Working Knowledge

Real people don’t say

Databases use primitive verbs, because they have no knowledge of the meaning of the data.
An enlightening observation by Mr. Mathias Verraes.

The upper cite is an excerpt of the comments -- a.k.a. replies -- featured in the dialog section of his excellent article CRUD is an antipattern.

Circa 2013.
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