Someone is pretending to be me on Facebook

Not just only when there is the need to collect reliable data of your activities, but when filling your position in the required upper field of a social network, there are couple of choices to be engadged.

Except if she is willing for a position that works like a hand in a glove for her, there is no real necessity into being creative or sympathetic without a reason. Not, really. Believe me.

Few people will stare at her profile and see those  "Middleware Software Engineer" words that lays behind she and her abilities.

May one ooncern those concatenated words she has posted in the upper section of her profile in yher favourite social page.

No one dates a Middleware person or get out with him to have fun one Friday afternoon. Believe me in that, too.

Someone is pretending to be me on Facebook fits pretty well with you.

In the year 2016 Facebook, is well known by everybody.  nearly half of the population of the Internet who has nothing important to say uses it as a tool of communication or sharing.

The fact someone appropriates your persona against your will , may bring empathy into the emotional arena of our daily lives, poor us  -- alas! -- simple human beings.

Someone pretended to be me on Facebook over the months. I won. I am alive and kicking. So you are able to take off impersonators, too.
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