Adieu to the little blue “g” icon

There was a time in the history of the web that everything, nearly every website look ugly, pretty ugly.

There was a real tendency for ugliness and dirtiness in that gutter, while quite few of us were looking at the stars. That time was until four or five years ago.

Now we have devices with cameras that may unconsciously reflect a world where design counts and is present, standardized, as physical methods of payment are, we realize design might be to embrace standards. Proportion, structure, pattern, measure, vision, use. Beauty in code is design.

Google has embraced  today, 2015, ( mark-da-date) the basic elements of visual design  ( colour and  symbol ) in a formal manner and has unveiled his new logo. Temperate, proportional, adaptable, foreseen more than one simple use ( the metaphor of a desktop through a screen).

This is what design is about: Analysis and execution. Express using a collection of signs and colours the same as you might refer or say using Swedish german language. 

You design things to fit into other things that still do not exist. And when they will exist, the thing you have designed has to fit well.

At Google, is call it an update. This old cow, coming from a business model driven education, coming from a culture where the Internet Web was made to be printed, and heard, name to this change branding.  Perfect Sans deserve less.

Congrats Google. Welcome to a visual future spelled backwards.

‘Analysis’ is ‘design’ spelled backwards
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