This Indecision is Bugging Me

 Summer ends, so here goes a couple of links  that may enhance your vision and goals or serve as inspiration in your future and present projects. Choose between GET or POST.

Methods GET and POST in HTML forms - what's the difference?

The HTML specifications technically define the difference between "GET" and "POST" so that former means that form data is to be encoded (by a browser) into a URL while the latter means that the form data is to appear within a message body..

Dropbox starts using POST

Switching to POST discards a number of very useful features though. POST is defined as a non-safe, non-idempotent method. This means that if a POST request fails, an intermediate (such as a proxy) cannot just assume they can make the same request again.

The Definitive Guide to GET vs POST

Because query strings are transferred openly in GET requests, we have to consider our security and that of our users when dealing with sensitive data like passwords or credit card numbers.

Limitations of the GET method in HTTP

HTTP-based APIs take advantage of this by using GET for API calls that don’t modify server state. So if an app makes an API call using GET and the network request fails, the app’s HTTP client library might decide to retry the request. The library doesn’t need to understand the specifics of the API call.
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