We’ve Made Web Development Complicated

When I first made my transition from front-end development into back-end development in ~2002, I had two things to learn:

.- a server-side language
.- how to talk to a database (SQL)

on top of my knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With these five basic things, I was able to build some useful stuff.

I’m working on a web app now and it recently struck me how much more complicated things have become.
In the memory of Alex King.

Who was Alex?. An independent web developer. A genious. A human being who made our live easier. Working on the medium, and on the content. Design and code. Thanks to his imagination, we are able to represent the generic action of sharing a web page. Thanks to his devotion to the social ecosphere, you are deploying webs and calling yourself a webmaster today using these tool we called b2, later  known as Wordpress.  ( Sorry for newcomers, it must be completely overwhelming ).

Read his complete article here.

 Read on his obituary here.
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