The Success Of Ideas.

When the researchers drilled down into the data, however, they found some marked differences in the ability to forecast success based on the industry of the proposed idea.
Expert interest was highly predictive of success in sectors that were R&D intensive, such as energy, hardware, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. However, in non-R&D-intensive sectors, such as mobile apps and software, the ability to predict success was no better than random.

How to Predict if a New Business Idea is Any Good, a short article by Pian Shu.

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Programmatic is a broad and somewhat ill-defined category that has as its core attribute the automated buying, selling and fulfillment of ads. The programmatic infrastructure is already in place, and its momentum is accelerating.

There remain questions, however, about “brand safety”, fulfillment and the accuracy of data inputs into the ecosystem.
Interesting mumblings on a trend that will dominate the way humans will communicate in 2017.

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Increasingly Subtle

While the 'history of philosophy' contains some metaphysics, the majority of the great philosophers were primarily not metaphysicians but analysts.
Sir Alfred Jules Ayer quoted in an elegant, crystalline prose.
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