Handy Tricks

My favourite IDE editor, NetBeans IDE 8.1 is now ready for production and ready to be downloaded as a fresh install.

In my case, to avoid extra installations, to be productive, and to preserve and save space in the HD disc of the device, I have opt for the following:

Go to  Settings > Edit > Update Center Customizer 

Modify the route of your actual version ad hoc as it follows:


Just by changing the number version of the updates, you accomplish the installation process in a fast and clean mode. No downloads

You may find it of use, in case you are using and do not need a previous version of Netbeans.Less freshy, but practical. Isn't that?

No Single Target Audience

John Gruber writes a profound review of the IPad Pro.

IPad Pro is, undoubtedly, the new gadget/device that will change, in less than five earthly years, the way in which we humans do communicate and make things.

Updating Dependencies

Art By Contrast - Deployment
Here figured, the magic that lies behind a e-commercial digital solution for the web. Like those ones you enjoy from your device.

An app expecting to be live in the next hours. By this yours truly , and the valuable work of mezod.

Applying Mitigation Steps

Oracle has released a Security Alert, named CVE-2015-4852 on November 10th, 2015, also available in an XML format.

This vulnerability, which involves the Apache Commons and Oracle WebLogic Server, has received a CVSS Base Score of 7.5.

For newbies: Apache Commons is an Apache project focused on all aspects of reusable Java components.

For people like you and me: This security does not affect  neither compromise the MySQL, neither other open-sourced catalogue.

In case you work in the cloud with --say --  WebLogic, and you are a subscriber, you my want to see a solution here
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