Sass Is More

Now we have Sass-lang and LessJS.

Both languages to programme and build for the web, in a functional mode, a declarative language like CSS we know it is.

After those years of  having pre-processors;  after hundreds of posts pleading about the necessity and usefulness of these task-oriented languages, after deepening into the knowledge of these pair as tools and, of course, appreciating and taking in into consideration the enormous value pre-processors have brought into the arena of the web development.

That after all said, let me guess: I still do not conceive the need and the obligation for a human to download nearly 10.6MB (!!) of information and libraries into  my  her/his personal computer.

This is, to install Ruby first if you want to play safe with Sass. when there is no real need to and it will not be the use of  for this language in your step of development.

The process to be able to build some useful stuff  using a pre-processor like Sass-lang for the needs of CSS deployment, looks like but does not seems rational.

Install Ruby Gems for the need of Sass-lang @ Segonquart Studio
Install Ruby Gems for the need of Sass-lang
 If, in the process of web development we do ever have to make space for a language and its correspondent libraries, which will have no use if, for example, in spite of the fact that you have to deploy or code your project in some other language; if this pre-processor just give you the sense of perfection, then, in my humble opinion, we are complicating things.

Ten megabytes to compile a pre-processor to compile to.

I do not mind of a single click, really. But I do not buy a thing for its simplicity. In business, we all know time is a resource that can be or well spent or bad spent. And saving time is not always the best way to build a project.  Rome was not built in one day.

If these things and minds are happening, is because m
Maybe, just maybe, We’ve Made Web Development Complicated.

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Now we have Sass-lang and LessJS.
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