Typography is a Key

Not only for responsiveness, but for everything. It’s all about typography. Even hand-written typography defines you. And your brand.
Hamburger menu? Check. Full screen image? Check. Scroll prompt? Check.
Avoid checking. Really.

Via Econsultancy


The Web Marketing Association announces the winners of its annual Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards, an effort to honor excellence in online advertising and to recognize the individuals and organizations responsible for the best in Internet marketing. 
The IAC Awards are the first and only industry-based advertising award competition dedicated exclusively to online advertising. 
The Competition web site with a complete list of winners is located at www.IACAward.org

This yours truly favourites,valued and voted with a 10, (!!!)  are the following:

(IAC) Awards. Better than compiting for Uncle Oscar.

Someone is pretending to be me on Facebook

Not just only when there is the need to collect reliable data of your activities, but when filling your position in the required upper field of a social network, there are couple of choices to be engadged.

Except if she is willing for a position that works like a hand in a glove for her, there is no real necessity into being creative or sympathetic without a reason. Not, really. Believe me.

Few people will stare at her profile and see those  "Middleware Software Engineer" words that lays behind she and her abilities.

May one ooncern those concatenated words she has posted in the upper section of her profile in yher favourite social page.

No one dates a Middleware person or get out with him to have fun one Friday afternoon. Believe me in that, too.

Someone is pretending to be me on Facebook fits pretty well with you.

In the year 2016 Facebook, is well known by everybody.  nearly half of the population of the Internet who has nothing important to say uses it as a tool of communication or sharing.

The fact someone appropriates your persona against your will , may bring empathy into the emotional arena of our daily lives, poor us  -- alas! -- simple human beings.

Someone pretended to be me on Facebook over the months. I won. I am alive and kicking. So you are able to take off impersonators, too.


There is a hidden gem in the activity of this yours truly behind Segonquart Studio.

As you know , dedication and care of your clients and projects deserves a bit more than looking at the final results, but to scrap them from behind.

The web is not that safe place you and me were stumbling in the past anymore. And competence is hard.

From its inception, my work at Segonquart Studio has delivered and gived on an aspect that in scientific methodology is always present:Security.

Data collection and hypothesis generation from a set of data and evidence, to provide and better anticipate the needs of people and companies that rely on our good work.

Data, traffic analysis, external threads that can compromise your own project, or either your's client professional activity. It does not mind if she or he works in art, in design, or as a company. It has to be covered. Security has not to be your concern but an asset delivered transparently.

For this knowledge , Holger Schulze, kindly invited me this year, to be part of the jury and be too a nominator of the 2016 Cybersecurity Excellence Award.

The 2016 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards honuor individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. 
Based on the content of their nomination and the popular vote by the Information Security Community (both ratings and comments), they are announcing the following winners and finalists for the 2016 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in the category Cybersecurity Professional.
We all, are members and take part in an active manner of the Information Security Community,
that's running in the social network Linkedin.  We all meet there talk there, and see what worries and makes safe to your, dear audience, the mission and values you spread in the web.

If I was an Architect by training, I would say this aspect of security is inherit to the work. No architect signs a building that may fall apart.

Not being myself but nearly, and thinking as a simple afficionado this aspect is inherit to the principles of design and the excellence of an innovative project.

It's 2016. Congratulations to the nominees and winners.

  Car makers are not putting good efforts to make the system more secure, and that's a very bad thing.

Deadline for Entries

The Web Marketing Association's 20th annual international WebAward competition for website development is now accepting entries.

This premier website recognition program is looking for the best websites in 98 different industries.

This year WMA present Great Moments in (made up) Website History.

WMA applaud the person who posted the first ever truly mediocre guitar video or shared the first ever picture of his/her lunch, whomever they may be.

 Because without those heroes, the Internet wouldn’t be the way it is today. Of course, WMA want to honour actual moments of website history too, so WMA are inviting you to be part of their landmark 20th anniversary awards event.

Now it’s your turn to make history by submitting your websites.

Visit their website to enter and make your own history.



Anyone who has ever officiated a competitive sport will know that the greatest compliment that can be paid to any official is silence. The very best referees go unnoticed, are rarely spoken about, and aspire to be invisible. (..) 
So, too, the very best digital design makes the user the protagonist by remaining invisible, hidden in plain view, if you will.
 Quoting The best design is the one no one notices , a Gareth Dunlop article.


First, we only buy things a tiny percentage of the time, and it’s mostly (though not entirely) a waste of money to push sales pitches at people all the time. Second, we own things 100% of the time, and it makes sense to keep the customers you already have. And third, we’re most likely to defect from a product or a brand when something goes wrong. So service is hugely important.
Doc Searls, interviewed, here.

A Heated Debate

A perspective by framing issues in terms of the positive economic factors at work. A working paper published in January 2016.
Many questions can be informed by simple economic models of the market for internet services.
Via HBS  by Shane and colleagues. Worth a read.


Adaptive web design offers a tailored UX, as each device will be treated as an individual medium, with a unique design: ‘device-first’. The “magic” is in that the device and device-specific features are detected and a website’s original layout and content are served to the user based on that information. The result is a website custom-made for the user’s device.
Choosing a Web Design, via Emily Grace Adiseshiah

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