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Selfzine published a short, but effective, interview with this, yours truly. Hidden aspects built in the past.

My advice is that if you want to manage a digital company, an agency, highly recommend you to have success , or at least a failed experience, managing or administering a non-digital company.

Delfi Ramirez featured at SELFzine 2015
Delfí Ramírez featured in SELFzine 2015
This fact gives you a clear advantage in the digital ecosphere. You can be the perfect coder. There is no perfect coder, however, who is learned into the intrinsic relations and possible truths that the representation of a shopping-cart, or the experience a CRUD imitates, really have. Some designers by nature know this fact pretty well. This is one fact of why some digital companies and start-ups do not rise or reach success.

Like if we were supermarkets, it only wins the one that understand the complexity of the local market and promote the super, gain fidelity and stability. We do not mean groceries when we talk about markets.

By managing or administering a non-digital company you will learn:

Sense: You now know how human behaviour is really interacting in a physical world. So you are able  to learn to predict the needed actions and develop further imagined scenarios by code, scenarios which fill the needs of your community.

References: Do you have in mind  IMDB ?. Built by fans of movies and cinema who understood the needs and goals of cinema fans and film seekers. Other reference that comes in mind: Weblogs, originally made and build by people who love to write using a typewriter machine.

Trainee: You learn about Health, because you are responsible and you are able  to offer a healthy solution that improves the real needs.  You learn about Security, because of the wealth of your business and the obvious need for safety everyone deserves in a public place. There is no need of dreams in security, just because dreams were part of our lives. But they are no taking part in the real world. Like creativeness do. Dreams fit themselves under that personal experience everyone of us has. In opposite ,the real world is communal. Right, your business is kind of a public place, shared both in the private and in the common spheres. You learn about Law, and understand how to act and react to.

It is also a good idea to start and fail when you are young and when you're not. Because of young people tend to be more social, less conservative and opened to new values. Old people too,

In fact, building a digital community starts in building a community in the real life. Later, you make this community grow, stay in touch through devices, and you say hello with a message within the protocols. The IRC protocol, to mention one.

For the need to be able to get some sort of success, your early build non-digital company should have before been established with a small business identified with a  brand. A brand that your loyal community of people built around. A name that looks and feels as it belongs to them. Not to you. So you are the manager. The coordinator. The admin. You need a logo. Colours. Sound. Vision.

Trustness always require a physical presence.

What a self-ie.
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