Who killed Bansky?

Researchers from ETH Zurich, Disney Research Zurich, Dartmouth College, and Columbia University have developed a “smart” spray can capable of painting murals all on its own. 
All the user has to do is wave the spray can over a canvas.

Robots are taking the game.

Shocking or don't, and still being this technique in its infancy, the "smart" spray sessions needed of eighty-five minutes to paint, ehem, a tiger. Not so smart, then

The final result of this process, and the milestones, and the results of the "smart" spray, it might be appreciated by you, fans of modern art, in the following video,

The result, for the experts and the older, bring us back those written memoirs where old techniques used that "brush or spray tool"... in that "Photoshop" on screen. Late eighties, late nineties, I refer.

Fist Bar! Barcelona 1987-1998
Fist Bar! Barcelona 1987-1998

Robots, now it's your turn. The good thing: Large wall paintings of printed photographs, have now no need of any Frisket.

Robots, The bad thing, spray painting, is still illegal in some places.

Who killed Bambi?
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