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Are melodies out of fashion? Not with the public, which enjoys them more than ever. But the tailless foxes known as Futurists or cacophonists are doing their darnedest to create the impression that they are building up a new musical art, far nobler than the music of the past, into which so puerile a thing as melody cannot be allowed to enter.

Stravinsky Provokes A Riot
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Unless an IT system is indeed providing a mission critical and core capability for the business, there is very little, if any, justification for an IT organization to develop or customize that system.
Daryl hits the nail and writes what we all have in mind.

This yours truly, ruling that Segonquart Studio played with this solid idea as a foundation of  a business model. Did we need to invent a software to write code? Not really. Do we have to design a brand new typography to express the content of a personalized website ( or app) ? Not now.

So, why, except if it is a core need for the business, do we or our selected friends and clients must depend solely on the IT system?, Tell Siri. get an answer.

Will Cloud Kill The IT Star? on Forbes. Well spent six minutes.

It Wasn’t Always That Way

Call me cynical, but every time I read about a new app launch, all I can think is, “Not gonna happen.”
Erin Griffith hits the nail.

Why apps are not the common trend, and why -vieleicht -  there is a space and a need for traditional websites in your business world.

Via Fortune. Worth a read.

Have your site evaluated by professionals.

At The 20th annual WebAward competition every single website entered will be thoroughly evaluated by multiple judges, all of whom are experienced experts and industry leaders in the web development field. The judges, most have which have participated in the WebAwards for years, review sites based on your target audience using a highly tested set of quantitative judging criteria. Each entry is submitted to multiple judges and the scores averaged in order to select the winners. Whether or not you win an award, you may receive constructive criticism on your site which can help in future development efforts.
Submit your work to the Awards. And I'll see you in there. I won't be a bad judge, I promise. Good luck.


segonquart studio featured at
segonquart studio featured at

In its ruggedness and lack of concern to look comfortable or easy.

Excerpt from .  Image screenshot from .Brutal is the new gray.

Search ? Type : Search

Apple Support has a brand and cute new re-designed site.

Besides this trend fade header we all know -- an element of the page where you notice why Apple is still Apple, due to its charismatic and elegant fade movement when its scrolled -- visitors like me notice the search.

A search with a help, or a help within a search.

Honestly speaking it reminds me that brilliant work done by the team at Plone, which this yours truly implemented with passion in a prototype circa late 2007, early 2008. Curious? You may want to have a look here.

Differences between both examples, the and the website mentioned here lies in the design. In the adoption of a model of screen and another.  Effectiveness of LiveSearch, a QuintaGroup IT's product based on Google's suggest, it's clear and adopted.

Note: That was what make the prototype developed between the places at Segonquart HQ and the city of Brussels a winner. But, you know, as all the innovations you may offer to a government as a  client, it was rejected, say dismissed in that days. Too innovative for 2008. This is, uh, nearly a decade ago.

Prototype Water Guidelines- Segonquart Studio

Apple Inc. --  I guess, a very conservative company speaking in terms of adoption -- hits the nail. Again.
This is what one feels looking deeply at the corners and details. It's innovative. True. Aspect that leads a future. True innovation does not come from anywhere else except from the past. however makes. Which is something pretty good. To understand this concept makes us see better why Apple is a natural born leader, and --still -- is miles ahead from its competitors.

Speaking in terms of use, the new mini-site ( I do hate that word), better the new  minimal-site, covers the needs of a human user within a web. To make questions and obtain answers.

The clean layout and the responsiveness are really appreciated to the visitor, but they are nothing new, too. In our days to be responsive becomes a necessity, in all aspects.

What has caught my attention in the new minimal-site is the following: Figure out that background, for a second. Yes, the background of that page.
An excellent piece of design from the in our days dismissed but forthcoming isomorphic representation ( equal form and what shape really is perceived, not a flatness). A piece of wood table, that looks like a made of wood table.

Apple Support has a brand and cute new re-designed site. Have a search.

It's official
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