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Apple Support has a brand and cute new re-designed site.

Besides this trend fade header we all know -- an element of the page where you notice why Apple is still Apple, due to its charismatic and elegant fade movement when its scrolled -- visitors like me notice the search.

A search with a help, or a help within a search.

Honestly speaking it reminds me that brilliant work done by the team at Plone, which this yours truly implemented with passion in a prototype circa late 2007, early 2008. Curious? You may want to have a look here.

Differences between both examples, the and the website mentioned here lies in the design. In the adoption of a model of screen and another.  Effectiveness of LiveSearch, a QuintaGroup IT's product based on Google's suggest, it's clear and adopted.

Note: That was what make the prototype developed between the places at Segonquart HQ and the city of Brussels a winner. But, you know, as all the innovations you may offer to a government as a  client, it was rejected, say dismissed in that days. Too innovative for 2008. This is, uh, nearly a decade ago.

Prototype Water Guidelines- Segonquart Studio

Apple Inc. --  I guess, a very conservative company speaking in terms of adoption -- hits the nail. Again.
This is what one feels looking deeply at the corners and details. It's innovative. True. Aspect that leads a future. True innovation does not come from anywhere else except from the past. however makes. Which is something pretty good. To understand this concept makes us see better why Apple is a natural born leader, and --still -- is miles ahead from its competitors.

Speaking in terms of use, the new mini-site ( I do hate that word), better the new  minimal-site, covers the needs of a human user within a web. To make questions and obtain answers.

The clean layout and the responsiveness are really appreciated to the visitor, but they are nothing new, too. In our days to be responsive becomes a necessity, in all aspects.

What has caught my attention in the new minimal-site is the following: Figure out that background, for a second. Yes, the background of that page.
An excellent piece of design from the in our days dismissed but forthcoming isomorphic representation ( equal form and what shape really is perceived, not a flatness). A piece of wood table, that looks like a made of wood table.

Apple Support has a brand and cute new re-designed site. Have a search.

It's official
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