As It Was In 2009

Paul Ford: Like, “I need to publish pages.” Well you should probably just use WordPress and it will cost you less than a dollar a month if you find a certain plan. The cost to produce and deliver content is basically zero or approaching zero. The tools to upload all kinds of rich media and do all that stuff are widely available. You have to ask yourself, “Why?” If it’s for an intellectual exercise it makes a lot of sense.

Rich Ziade: Yeah.

Paul Ford: Anyone who would come to us today and say “I want to build a new CMS.” They need to really know why they’re doing it.

Rich Ziade: Exactly.

Paul Ford: Why would you? What would be your reason to build your own content management tools top to bottom?

 An excerpt from Track Changes, with Paul Ford, that caught my attention.

 A conversation that puts the hit in the nail, presenting serious arguments and inquiries on the following subject: The real need and the objective reasons required to start from the ground and , with this action, to reinvent the wheel.

 A subject, this yours truly, was advocating for time ago. There is no reasonable fact to re-invent the wheel. But, there is the need to polish it. The answer to this plea, now in the year 2016, is the same as it was in the year 2009. Or it was 2010. Who cares.

 There is, however, a subtle difference whether in the talk, whether in the transcript: In those savage years, during the past decade, one still had the option to deliver a fresh new product by putting her/his hands on work. But nor Mom neither the Milkman invested in fresh new delivered products. It was not did then, neither now. Open the bottle and fill me with its content. Mom and the Milkman can make use of the WordPress to accomplish their purposes and objectives. To publish content. Why they should not? WordPress is easy to learn, and it’s more fun to use.

 This yours truly still does not see, now in June 2016, there is any logical reason to start to build a new CMS from the bottom. Except for testing purposes. Or for vanity. Or both. Who knows.

"If it’s for an intellectual exercise it makes a lot of sense."

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